Top 5 by locals to see and taste in Rome
on your own!

Top 5 by locals to see and taste in Rome on your own!

1. Trastevere never sleeps!

Trastevere, where the heartbeat of Rome echoes through time and never misses a beat! This vibrant district, often hailed as the soul of the Eternal City, a place that truly never sleeps. Wander through its enchanting alleys, discover hidden corners. Trastevere, just a stone’s throw away from the Historic Center of Rome, has a magnetic charm that will transport you into a world of its own.

For an authentic experience, visit Santa Maria in Trastevere and explore the hidden gems of Santa Cecilia. And when it comes to satisfying your taste buds, don’t miss the chance to savor a slice at Da Ivo a Trastevere or delight in a Suppli at the legendary Venanzio or nowadays Suppì-Roma. For a taste of tradition that spans over a century, meet Signor Roberto at Antica Caciara Trasteverina, a haven of exquisite cheeses and cold cuts since 1900. And as the sun sets, join the lively crowd at Bar San Calisto known by locals as “Baraccio”, where Marcellino serves up the perfect espresso or a refreshing drink. Here, the celebration of life continues well into the night, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel not just like a visitor, but a part of the perpetual revelry. Trastevere never sleeps, and neither will your memories of this extraordinary Roman gem.

2. Campo de' Fiori

By day, Campo de’ Fiori transforms into a sensory feast as Rome’s most famous and vivid market takes center stage. Wander through a kaleidoscope of colors and aromas as the market overflows with fresh fruits, vegetables, tantalizing meats, cheeses, and charming kitchenware. As the sun sets, Campo de’ Fiori undergoes a magical transformation, becoming a captivating hotspot for locals seeking the perfect aperitivo and cocktails.

Make sure not to miss the chance to savor the famous traditional local street food  ‘filletti di baccala’ at Dar Filettaro, the king of baccala. For those with a sweet tooth, Günther and Lucciano’s promises one of the best authentic gelato in Rome. In fact, the renowned Financial Times has recognized Günther as one of the 25 best ice-cream places in the world. Don’t just taste the food; let it become a part of your Roman adventure, creating long live memories.

3. Jewish district 'Ghetto'

The Jewish Ghetto of Rome, a captivating neighborhood nestled between the Tiber River and Piazza Venezia, is considered to be one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the city. It is attractive not only for its cultural and religious experience, but also for a culinary one, boasting a treasure trove of restaurants that bring the flavors of local Jewish-Roman cuisine. Most of the dishes are based on a kosher “philosophy” and are found nowhere else but in the Roman Ghetto. Among them, don’t miss a fish broth, which is a top delicacies, but also Jewish-style artichokes “alla giudia”, cod fillets and stuffed fish.

Make sure to stop by Forno del Ghetto, a heaven for pizza and bread. Also don’t miss Antica Pasticceria Boccione to try the time-honored recipes of Roman Jewish pastries,  that make this hidden spot a must-visit destination. Each bite here will tell you a story of tradition and culinary craftsmanship passed down through generations.

4. Spanish Steps

Welcome to the iconic Spanish Steps in Rome, a magnetic attraction that has drawn visitors from across the globe. This illustrious location has served as the backdrop for notorious films, witnessed important events, and hosted glamorous fashion shows. From an artistic perspective, the Spanish Steps stand as a baroque icon, arguably the most monumental staircase to grace the cityscape. If you decide to climb the stairs then prepare to ascend a whopping 135 of them! For those who prefer shopping to stair-climbing, fear not! In front of the steps lies the prestigious via Condotti, a gateway to a plethora of streets and lanes adorned with the flagships of Italian high fashion, such as the ateliers of Gucci, Armani, Versace and many more.

5. Aventine Hill

Discover the Aventine Hill, one of the original seven hills of Rome, located close to the city center, standing proudly in front of the Palatine Hill and just a leisurely stroll from the Colosseum. Today, it has transformed into a wealthy, leafy residential area, adorned with beautiful gardens and offering breathtaking views over the eternal city.

Rome Roses Gardens, or Roseto Comunale, is one of the most romantic places in the city: it has over 1000 species of roses and the position overlooking the Circo Massimo, the ever-largest ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium. The garden is best to visit from April to June.

A short distance away, the Orange Garden, or Giardino degli Aranci, unfolds its beauty to the public. Named for the vibrant orange trees that grace its grounds, this well-kept garden invites you to enjoy from its terrace a mesmerizing view of the Tiber River below, with the eternal city spreading out in all directions.

Seek out for another Aventine’s hidden gem – the secret keyhole in Piazza Dei Cavalieri di Malta. Peer through the perfectly round keyhole in a large door, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of St. Peter’s dome framed by beautiful shrubs in a private garden.