Maria was our tour guide, and she was amazing! It was extremely busy in Vatican, we wouldn’t have been to visit, let alone had a great time if wasn’t for Maria! She is super knowledgeable, we (a family of 4, with kids aged 8 & 11) walked away with loads of stories that we are now re-telling others. Maria made my son Henry her special helper, we appreciated that alot. She was also very kind & thoughtful to the group. made sure everyone was included & engaged. Our kids got a special rub out pen each as souvenir. It was so unexpected & greatly appreciated! To put things into perspective, am writing this review after we had spent 1 month in Europe & had done countless tours in different cities. The quality of tour guide can vastly vari, and our experience with Maria was not only impressive on the day, but still is one of our best memories of Rome, of Europe. THANK YOU Maria! THANK YOU for our super memorable & super special experience!