We picked this tour over other tours because the reviews on this tour were talking about how great the storytelling part was, and we were not disappointed. Our guide was absolutely superior story teller and could explain really simply the concepts in the paintings and the reasonings behind them. (I think his name was Mario if I remember correctly…) He was really good at giving us comparisons between the things back then and nowadays so we actually learned alot of interesting things and had so much fun walking through the exhibitions. I don’t think I will be able to even put into words how good of a guide he was. Without this tour we would have not understood any of Vatican’s significance. 10/10 would suggest booking this over all others! Such a great experience and totally worth it! The only thing I would suggest to improve is to buy their own radio/microphone systems if it’s possible. Then that would make this experience perfect. We were using the ones you can get from the museum itself and they were garbage – hard to hear anything and did not really want to sit on your ear. So we just stayed close to the guide to hear over the crowds (luckily he had quite a loud voice 🙂 ). It was an amazing experience and our guide gave us excellent comparisons between the things back then and nowadays, so we actually learned a lot because of being able to easily make connections. 10/10 Thank you! Maybe it would be worth to invest in the company owned radio system instead of using the museum’s in the future? It was kind of hard to hear and the radio didn’t want to really stay on the ears well.