Authentic Trastevere Food Tour

Are you ready to become a local for a day?
Immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere of Rome and enjoy the best food Trastevere has to offer.


per person

Authentic Trastevere Food Tour


per person

Are you ready to become a local for a day?
Immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere of Rome and enjoy the best food Trastevere has to offer.

You’ll eat where the Romans eat, and visit the artisanal shops where they buy their favorite specialties on a daily basis. You will explore the world of Italian wines and learn many practical things, like how to select the right wine and how to pair it with food. You will take a guided walk through Rome’s most authentic neighborhood in a warm atmosphere, filled with the sounds of laughter and clinking wine glasses. There is nothing contrived or pretentious about this tour—only the “real” Rome as it lives and breathes.

What's included


  • Enter the world of Italian wines together with a wine expert at one of the top wine bars, Enoteca Ferrara, that carries more than 500 labels.
  • Skip at least an hour’s line to enter Ivo a Trastevere to taste the best pizza in the area.
  • Taste for yourself just how good the Italian premium cheeses and meats are and discover wow facts about their production and culinary traditions.
  • Indulge yourself with unusual and creative flavors of artisan gelato made by Chef Günther. Experience a real explosion of taste and unforgettable joy!
  • Find out how Italians never gain weight, despite pizza, pasta and gelato, and discover the whole truth about Italian men and their mothers.
  • See a completely different Rome strolling through the narrow, cobblestone alleys decorated with cascades of ivy and hanging clothes. Explore Trastevere, the delightful blend of food and history that defines the soul of our city.

Sites visited

🧀 Cheese and prosciutto at Antica Caciara since 1900

Signor Roberto, whose family has run the shop for over a century, stepped behind the counter at the age of 13 and now he is over 70! With Roberto, you will taste and talk about his refined selection of cheeses and Italian cured meats. You will try the most valuable delicacies like Prosciutto di Parma and Speck Alto Adige hams, Pecorino Romano sheep’s cheese, known since the ancient Roman times, as well as a cult 30-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano cheese made from top quality raw milk! Despite globalization, the only true Parmigiano is exclusively made and aged in a small area of northern Italy around Parma and Reggio Emilia.

🍕 Roman pizza baked in front of you!

Hidden in a small picturesque street, this is one of those pizzerias that every local knows. Pizza at ‘Ivo a Trastevere’ is made from 100% natural and yeast-free dough, which makes it easy to digest. This means there is always room for another slice! You will be offered pizza with Gorgonzola and pear, the Diavola with spicy salami and, of course, the favorite pizza of every second Italian – Margherita with buffalo mozzarella and fresh Pacchino tomatoes. You will see how your pizza is prepared: the dough is rolled out thinly, generously topped and baked in a wood-burning oven. 1-2 minutes and your pizza is ready!

🍷 Italian DOCG wine tasting at Enoteca Ferrara

Wine bars, called enotecas, are an integral part of Roman life and open their doors at the sacred hour of 6pm. Aperitivo time begins! Trastevere is considered to be an area with a particularly fun reputation – you will not find such colorful aperitifs in any other part of Rome! In the most famous wine bar, Enoteca Ferrara, you will be offered the noble red wine from Tuscany – Nobile di Montepulciano, as well as the fragrant white wine Traminer from the slopes of the Italian Alps. You will learn from your expert guide all you ever wanted to know about the best Italian wines. Having this knowledge in hand, you will be able to choose the right bottle without hesitation and enjoy tasting wine in a completely new way, while paring it with the right food. Soon you’ll be drinking the Italian way!

🍦 Grand final with the best homemade ice cream you’ve ever tasted!

An artisan gelato created by Chef Günther that can be recognized ‘blindly’ by its unique taste and top-quality Italian seasonal ingredients. You’ll be amazed by a wide palette of flavors that go from traditional ones like pistachio and mango to special recipes like Gorgonzola blue cheese and dark chocolate, eggnog zabaione with Sicilian Marsala liquor, Ricotta Stregata, Mountain Pine… at the end of the day it’s all a matter of taste!

What travellers say about us

Erik G

Great and informative food tour. Andrea was a fantastic guide, as well as a great guy to be around. Great value for the money. The food was excellent and everything was highly professional. We got quick service at the places we went to, and Andrea educated us on the relevant foods in a manner that was easy to digest and with good humour too. Cannot recommend this enough.

Food Tour, Viator
Brad J. Ward

What an incredible night in Rome! We spent our last night in Rome with and we wish we had done it sooner in the week — it was an incredible insight to Rome, Trastevere, and local food/culture. Our tour was expertly guided through Trastevere to various local shops – cheese and meat, wine, pasta and gelato. We felt like we were walking around with family! Andrea and Alesia made us feel welcome and we quickly found similar interests to talk about. Their local knowledge of the area and its history was so valuable – info you’d never get from a Rick Steves book. It was also fun to hear Andrea tell stories from his childhood and as you walk around the area he was raised in.
Make time for a experience while in Italy… maybe both tours! We were talking about it long after leaving Italy with our friends.

Food Tour, Viator

We loved the experience! The food was delicious and the tour was very informative and in a very small group, so it felt like a dinner with friends. Throughout the entire tour our guide Vita told us about the Italian culture and answered all our questions. Certainly highly recommended.

Food Tour, Getyourguide

An inspiring expert guide! Our guides are officially licensed and hand-picked for their inspiring and communicative personalities as well as their in-depth knowledge of the gastronomy and history, in order to make your visit an enthralling and unforgettable experience.

No stress! We guarantee that your trip is thought out to the smallest detail, all-inclusive and organized in such a way that you just simply enjoy every minute of your Tuscan getaway.

Personal attention! Our groups are small (max 10 people) so you’ll be able to interact with your guide and benefit from individual attention.

Discounts! We offer group discount for 3 and more participants, youth discount for children of 6-17 year-olds. Discounts are applied automatically with online bookings.

No need to wait! Our tours always begin on time. Please arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the start of the tour, out of respect for the other group members and taking into account the grandiose plans for this day.

Comfort listening! We provide all participants with high-quality headphones, included in the cost when the group has 5 or more participants.

Dress the part This tour includes outdoor walking and we recommend that you dress accordingly. Wear comfortable shoes and bring sunglasses, drinking water, a hat and an umbrella according to the weather.

Food intolerance If you have allergies, dietary restrictions or any kind of intolerances to any product, you are strongly advised to check with the guide for the likelihood of its presence before consumption. All responsibility for consumed drinks and food rests with the tour participant. Unfortunately, our food tours are not suitable for the travelers with gluten intolerances.

Cancellation Reservations cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start of the tour will be refunded in full. For more details on our cancellation policy, please see our Terms.

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